Siberian sturgeon and uterine herd of Siberian sturgeon and Black Caviar


Siberian Sturgeon

from $6,6 per 1 kg

  • The average weight of an individual 2+ - price 6,6 $ per 1 kg
  • The average weight of an individual 5+ - price 10 $ per 1 kg
  • The average weight of an individual 7+ - price 12,4 $ per 1 kg
  • The average weight of an individual 10+ - price 16,6 $ per 1 kg
Uterine herd

of Siberian sturgeon

$50 per 1 kg

  • The average weight of an individual 6-15 kg - price $50 per 1 kg
Black Caviar

from $500 per 1 kg

  • Black Caviar (raw)
  • Black Caviar (made and packed)
  • Discounts for wholesale buyers
    (over 50 kg)!

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+995 591 20 20 70

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Span Fishing Industry

Fish Eco-Farm in Georgia

About us

Company SFI was based in Georgia in 2008, in an ecologically clean zone. It’s a fish farm and business in Georgia.

The company considers the creation of effective and highly productive broodstocks of sturgeon.

The broodstocks are not located within the walls of the RAS, but on large areas of foraging. For full-fledged development all conditions have been created. Approximately, about 300tn of females live in 5 100 000 cubic meters of the purest drinking mountain water. The fish live in exceptional conditions, having all necessary cycles of development, temperature regimes – transition of low temperatures.

Sufficient depths – up to 4 meters. The flow rate is 5 m3/s of water. Our partners Biomar is №1 fish fodder producer in the world. The volume of the purest high-precision mountain water unparalleled in the Caucasus. The company has large production facilities: territory, ponds, swimming pools, water supply and discharge channels, equipment, vehicles and an established sales system as well.

The company owns two objects:

  • In the village Hashmi (20 km away from Tbilisi): a property complex with an area of 157 hectares of land, a mirror of water – 130 hectares.
  • Rionian sturgeon factory, Geguti village (14km from Kutaisi); a property complex with an area of 59 hectares, consisting of 21 ponds, a mirror of water – 38 hectares.

For today, we have about 300 tons of sturgeon biological asset.

Our specializations are: sturgeon, carp, cupid, carpenter.
Intensive cultivation methods are used at our company.

SFI is №1 sturgeon supplier in Georgia

Why the sturgeon is useful for the health?

Our sturgeon is cultivated in ecologically clean conditions. Gentle, juicy sturgeon should be eaten in order to preserve a beauty and a youth, a bright mind, a good mood and magnificent health. On our website you can learn how to cook a sturgeon properly and what can you cook from it.

Why the artificially grown salmon is harmful?

In the wild nature, the salmon also eats krill and plankton. The pigment of their shells accumulates and forms a pink, scarlet or orange color of meat. Aqua farms don’t include crustaceans in the menu of fish due to high prices; instead of them, they add dyes. Usually it is canthaxanthin (food color E161g), which can cause the iris destruction and vision problems.

International congress

SFI, being the largest company in the Caucasus, represented the aquaculture of Georgia at an international congress in Spain. Colleagues from Spain, Italy, Uzbekistan and Russian treated the report of Sergei Panchenko about innovation technologies in fish farms with a great attention.

We are always open and ready to cooperate

We can help you to acquire and develop business in Georgia, to acquaint you with the subtleties of Georgian legislation that welcomes foreign investment and exempts from value added tax. Moreover, here is zero% rate for export of products and simplified business registration.

to the

  • producers of sturgeon caviar
  • manufacturers of medical cosmetics
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • medical technology parks


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Then contact us. We invite to cooperation both - foreign and Georgian distributors. We are pleased to cooperate with both - with large wholesale networks and with small shops.

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SFI invites people, who want to learn and become professionals in the specialties, required at a fish farm.

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To some extent, the meat of sturgeon resembles meat of animals. This is explained by the rich content of glutamic acid. Sturgeon contains rare acids, which can interact with a therapeutic effect on the body. The most valuable are eicosapentaenoic, sulfur-containing and docosahexaenoic acids. The fish is quite high in calories, 100 grams of the product contains over 160 calories. Also, sturgeon meat contains fats and easily digestible protein. In addition, the fish is enriched with phosphorus, iodine, chlorine, magnesium, fluorine, calcium, nickel, sodium, molybdenum and group vitamins: С, В1-2, РР. There are lipids and proteins necessary for the body in the sturgeon caviar.Caloric content of sturgeon caviar is about 200 kilocalories.
The fish favorably affects the cardiac and cerebral activity,increases an immunity, normalizes metabolism,and restores a blood pressure. Sturgeon caviar promotes the normal development of all skin cells. Quite often, caviar is given to seriously ill or weakened patients to restore the body. If you regularly eat sturgeon, you can lower the cholesterol in the blood and reduce the likelihood of myocardial development. It is recommended to use sturgeon for strengthening and growth of bones. The sturgeon meat has a huge benefit- its meat is dietary. The high caloric content of fish is based on digestible proteins, which allows the product to be quickly absorbed and digested without investing anywhere.Due to this feature, sturgeon can be used as a dietary product.
In a refractory container, pourboiling water to the very bottom, no more than 5mm. Salt the water and immerse the cleaned pieces of fish.Salt water and immerse the cleaned pieces of fish. Bring to a boil and cook on very low heat for 12 minuteswith the lid closed. With this method of cooking, more micronutrients and acids are stored in the meat.

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